The First Men

They came from the stinging winds of the far north, where the last dragons had left their ruin centuries ago, to Eldin. They left the barbarism, despotism, hunger and faithless heresy that plagued their kin for the promise of their boundless intellect and refined, for their monumental efforts, a lush green emerald wrought from the dirt.

Rictavius III, “The Twelve Lords”

The First Men refers to the ancestors of the humans of Eldin who migrated from Ea’zor after crossing the Great Falls. The original settlers were popularly believed to be only in the hundreds and their first settlements are dotted around the Greenshea and there are still men in that strange land who worship the ruins of their ancestors. Free from the constant threats of Ea’zor where men were outnumbered by vicious monsters, countless Orc tribes and the Frostfell Dwarves, Eldin proved to be almost paradise. While their early years were difficult, including many run-ins with High Elves who claimed many of the lands south of their strongholds in Ithilanta, the human’s natural gift for ingenuity, governance and organization would quickly supplant the High Elves who, while immortal, could not keep up with the seemingly boundless ambition of human cunning and inventiveness. Many High Elves see it differently, however, and state that a human’s capacity to breed quickly was the High Elves’ eventual undoing.

First Strongholds

The First Men

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